Bilance Technology OÜ is added to our portfolio.
Alesco Ventures has invested in the early stage of Bilance Technology OÜ, an Estonian FinTech company. At the moment, the company operates a personal finance app, which has an excellent mechanism to integrate multiple bank accounts into a single surface to help manage income and expenses.
We will hold a pitch event "SWG Japan Investor Day 2nd".
The event page has been released.
We will hold a pitch event "SWG Japan Investor Day".
The event page has been released.
Pinterest announces acquisition of Vochi
Vochi ( in Belarus, funded by Alesco Ventures through a SWG fund.
It was announced that it will be acquired by Pinterest.
Vochi is a Belarusian startup founded in 2019 with video editing technology.
Details about the deal haven't been announced yet, but Alesco Ventures also congratulates the acquisition by renowned company Pinterest.

The official announcement of Pinterest is below.
We will hold an online seminar on financing with Venture Bank.
Aleco Ventures forms Syndicate to invest into EWC Armenia winner.
Alesco Ventures is forming a Syndicate with the purpose of investing into Denovo Sciences, an Armenian Drug Discovery Company using AI simulations. The company has won the EWC Armenia 2021 in July and is heading to global finals. Angel Investors interested in participating are welcome to contact us.

About Denovo Sciences
To Develop a single drug it can cost from 2 to 3 billion dollars. And it takes approximately 11 years to finish the process. Denovo Sciences has developed a new approach to significantly shorten the R&D phasis. By using reinforcement learning they have created a unique platform for molecule generation which uses molecular simulation to train the algorithm. This approach has no dependency on datasets and molecules have high novelty.
opened a Twitter account.
Alesco Ventures invests into Hepta.
Alesco Ventures is happy to announce its latest addition to its portfolio. Through Thoragate Ventures III, Alesco Ventures has invested into Estonia based startup Hepta. Hepta is an AI-driven power line analysis company. Drones which are used for power cable inspection can be deployed rapidly for this purpose granting much more flexibility in responding to sudden demand spikes.
Alesco Ventures invests into Remato.
Alesco Ventures invests into Estonian tech company Remato. Remato's platform helps manage construction workers, their tasks, equipment and projects. The company aims to make construction management stress-free. Notable shareholders of Remato include the founders of Bold, Pipedrive and Sixfold.
U24 Solutions raises 1 million for its VR multi player solutions.
Virtual reality gaming startup U24 Solutions announced that after their last bridge round of €350K, they have now secured close to €1 million total funding in order to continue developing their VR multiplayer game solutions and an upcoming VR game ‘Cradle of Sins’.
Aleco Ventures through Thorgate Ventures led the funding round with MSD Service OY. Mark Dear, investor from MSD Service OY, explained further: “We invest in future technologies and VR gaming is surely one of them. It’s currently being defined which studios will be closing and which ones will survive. U24 has a very agile approach to development and they avoid mistakes by testing every update with hundreds of players”.
Alesco Ventures invests into U24.
Cogitanda is elected as Number 1 Cyber Security Insurance in Germany.
Winning over insurance giants such as Allianz, AXA and AIG, Assekurata Rating crowns Cogitanda the number one German Cyber Security insurance company of 2020.
The small and relatively unknown company leading in the segment is gathering quite some attention thanks to this news. This will surely have a positive impact on the company’s valuation.

Alesco Ventures invests into Moderan.
Alesco Ventures will be at Latitude 59. Aug 27-28
Alesco Ventures is one of more than 60 VCs to attend Latitude 59 in Tallinn between August 27 - 28.

XID has been elected as one of the top 100 startups by Japanese Economy Magazine Toyo Keizei.
One of Alesco Ventures portfolio companies XID has been elected as one of the top 100 Japanese startups by Tokyo Keizai Magazine.
XID(cross ID) is a digital ID application with various functions and is connected to the “My Number System” which is the official Japanese tax number and social security number.

XID’s CEO with mayor of Kaga city which is adapting their solution to administrational services.
Alesco Ventures invests into Eziil.
Alesco Ventures invests into Waybiller.
Amid Corona pandemic, we keep investing!
Since the pandemic hit Europe angel investing activity has decreased as many angel investors and funds have stopped investing in new projects.
We at Alesco Ventures continue investing into startups as before the crisis. In fact, we are planning to close 2 new deals within the next weeks.
So if you are a startup or know of promising startups that are rising money, please let us know.
Best regards,

Richard Kobayashi
+81 (0)80 7826 9073
Alesco Ventures invests into blockhive, Inc.
On this day Alesco Ventures is happy to announce its investment into Japanese company blockhive, Inc.
Blockhive is relying on the use of digital identity and prepares Japan for the future of digital.
Like Alesco Ventures, the company has also strong presence in Estonia and will be bringing digital government knowhow to Japan. With the Japanese government pouring a 210 billion Yes budget into propagating the usage of its MyNumber system, we are very optimistic about this company’s future and see it as a key stone in our portfolio.
Alesco Ventures invests into Brandpad.
Cogitanda Dataprotect AG is our newest investment.
On February 15th, Cogitana Dataprotect AG is the newest company to join Alesco Ventures portfolio.
Cogitanda protects companies and private households in all cyber-risk issues and offers tailored insurances. Today a huge majority of companies have no cyber related insurance despite widespread recognition of the risks.
We at Alesco Ventures are positive that Cogitanda’s services will dominate this market niche.
Alesco Ventures invests into Jeff App.
On February 5th, Alesco Ventures, as part of an EstBAN syndicate invested into Latvian fintech startup Jeff App.
Jeff App has raised more than €300K this year to evolve its “Tinder for loans” solution in the Vietnamese market, as well as expand to Indonesia later in 2020.
Alesco Ventures joins EstBAN.
This month, Alesco Ventures has officially joined EstBAN ( the Estonian Business Angel Network.
EstBAN is an organisation of angel investors committed to finding, funding and mentoring young companies and help them to find an exit.
In near future, we plan to do syndicate investments with EstBAN and its other members.
We have decided to invest in Innovation Investment LLC.
We have decided to invest in VentureBank.
New website release
We released the our website today.
Signed a joint investment contract with Thorgate Management OÜ.