Startup Wise Guys Alesco Ventures For anyone interested in startup investments or business alliances with European companies! Pitch Event featuring European startups Live streaming of SWG Japan Investor Day Startup Wise Guys Alesco Ventures For anyone interested in startup investments or business alliances with European companies! Pitch Event featuring European startups Live streaming of SWG Japan Investor Day

Estonian startups in the spotlight!

Alesco Ventures is a Japanese VC based in Estonia. Startup Wise Guys(, is our partner and one of the most active startup accelerators in Europe. For this event, four companies from SWG's portfolio will be selected to pitch exclusively for Japanese investors. We like to hold similar events on a regular basis, to enable direct access of Japanese investors to promising European startups. All participating startups are early stage companies actively seeking funding.

Why is Estonia is attractive for investors?

Silicon Valley, USA, where the world's leading IT companies and excellent IT human resources gather. Estonia is a Baltic country and an international startup hub in Europe. Estonia boasts a leading entrepreneurial and digital ecosystem, which has supported the international growth of several unicorns. There is an increasing interest among Japanese investors in Estonian companies.

Famous Estonian startups

This Event is interesting for:

  • ① Those who want to learn more about the European startup ecosystem
  • ② Those who want to invest into European startups
  • ③ Those who want to connect with overseas entrepreneurs / investors


The pitching event includes presentations of four startup founders representing early stage fintech, real estate, agribusiness and B2B SaaS companies from the Startup Wise Guys portfolio. All pitching startups are fundraising.

Event management

Event summary

Outline of the event

  • Date and time: 8/2/2022 (Tuesday) 5 : 00pm-6 : 00pm(JST)
  • Participation fee: Free
  • Venue: Online at Zoom
  • Capacity: 50 people
  • Event language: English (with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese)
    * To use the translation channel, it is recommended to connect from a PC instead of a smartphone.

* Please watch in a place with good radio waves such as Wi-Fi environment where high-speed communication is possible.

Participation terms

 These Terms set out the conditions applicable to participation in an online pitch event (hereinafter, referred to as"Event") co-sponsored by Startup Wise Guys (hereinafter, referred to as”SWG”) and Aleco Ventures (hereinafter, referred to as"Company"). If you apply to participate in this event, you are deemed to have accepted the contents of this agreement.

■ Terms of Use / Disclaimer
(Application for this event)
You can apply for participation from the application form specified by Company and SWG.

(Participation in this event)
  1. Internet connection is required to participate in this event. Communication charges related to connection will be covered by each participant.
  2. This event will be provided using the online distribution system Zoom. If Company & SWG accepts the application from the participants, the Company will notify you with the URL for participating in this event.
  3. On the day of this event, you can freely enter and leave the room during the holding time, but the use of microphones is not enabled.
(Viewing environment for participating in this event, etc.)
  1. Please install the Zoom app on your PC, tablet, smartphone, etc., or join from your browser.
  2. The viewing environment (hardware such as PC, software such as Zoom or browser, communication environment, etc.) required to participate in this event shall be prepared and maintained at the expense and responsibility of the participants.
  3. When applying for participation in this event, please be sure to perform a connection test of the Zoom meeting system and confirm that it can be viewed before applying for participation.
     【Zoom official website test meeting
     Please note that the speakers and our company cannot provide individual support.
(Rights regarding this event)
All know-how, ideas, methods, videos, images, texts, sounds, other information, copyrights and all other rights related to this event belong to SWG. Participants shall not take any action that infringes these rights.

(Public relations)
The Company & SWG will post videos, photos (including screenshots showing how you are participating in Zoom), etc. taken at this event on SWG's website, SNS, magazines, etc., regardless of the medium of our public relations activities. Please note that photos of the participant's face may be taken.

(Interruption / cancellation of participant qualification)
  1. If a participant falls under any of the following items, the Company & SWG may suspend or revoke the participation qualification in the future without prior notice.
    • When it is found that a false declaration has been made in the application
    • If there is a possibility that you cannot understand the contents of the event properly, or if the Company or SWG judge that you are not qualified as a participant of this event.
    • In addition, when the company or SWG judge that it is inappropriate as a participant
  2. During this event, if a participant falls under any of the following items, SWG may make you leave the room.
    • When the applicant and the participants on the day are different
    • If you cannot cooperate with the mute setting of the microphone
    • When it causes trouble for other participants
    • In addition, if the Company or SWG determines that it will interfere with the progress of this event
(Cancellation / suspension and change of event)
The Company and SWG reserves the right to cancel, suspend or change the holding of this event if it is unavoidable in the operation of this event. In that case, the Company SWG will promptly notify the participants.

(Our disclaimer)
Participants shall use devices with the latest computer virus countermeasures, etc., and shall participate in the Zoom app with the latest version. Please note that SWG is not responsible for any damage caused by force majeure such as computer virus or obstruction by a third party due to Zoom installation or participation in this event.

(Prohibited matter)
Participants shall not do any of the following acts when participating in this event.
  • Acts of recording this event without prior permission from SWG
  • Acts that infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights of SWG or third parties
  • Acts of applying for participation due to false information
  • Other acts that the Company of SWG deem inappropriate
  • Reproduction (downloading, capture, etc.), transmission, reprinting, or other secondary use of content for any purpose
(Compensation for damages)
If a dispute arises between a participant and another participant or other third party due to or in connection with this event, the participant shall resolve the dispute at his / her own expense and responsibility, and shall resolve the dispute and the Company. All damages caused by these shall be compensated.

(About acquisition and management of personal information)
We will acquire and manage personal information (referred to as stipulated by the Personal Information Protection Law) by appropriate procedures based on the Personal Information Protection Law and regulations, guidelines set by the government and other norms. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs, we will promptly take appropriate corrective measures.

(Purpose of using personal information)
We will collect the personal information submitted by the participants at the time of application and share it with our group companies.
The acquired personal information will be used for the following purposes and will not be used for any other purpose.
  • For URL notification for participating in this event
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(Change of terms)
The Company shall be able to arbitrarily revise these Terms, etc., and shall be able to establish rules that supplement these Terms, etc. Amendments or supplements to these Terms, etc. shall take effect when the contents are notified to the participants. In this case, participants shall comply with the revised Terms and Conditions and the supplemented Terms and Conditions.

■ How to participate
  1. Please apply for participation from the application form. At a later date, you will receive an email with the URL for participating in this event.
  2. On the day of the event, please access the participation URL in the email from your device and participate.
  3. The viewing URL and password can only be used by applicants, and redistributing or sharing with others is prohibited.
  4. If you find a connection that seems to be abnormal during distribution, you may disconnect without notice.
  5. We do not accept questions from participants during this event.
■ About personal information
  1. We will appropriately acquire, manage and use it only to the extent necessary for the business activities of this event.
  2. The acquired information will be used for the following purposes.
    • To provide the services and support you have applied for
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  3. If you decline to send this information, please contact us.


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